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Senior Member

540.00 €
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Become a member of the "Club NATURAMEDICIN" and take the first step towards your passive income.

A member of "Club NATURAMEDICIN" can be a natural or legal person anywhere in the world.

By directly purchasing a membership in the NATURAMEDICIN Club (Member of the NATURAMEDICIN Club), a new Club member can immediately register other customers and Club members. 


After creating a customer account, you will purchase a membership of the NATURAMEDICIN Club - SENIOR MEMBER in the online shop. Or you can register as a customer on the recommendation of a Club NATURAMEDICIN member via the QR code sent to you, and then purchase an annual Club membership - SENIOR MEMBER.

The SENIOR MEMBER membership includes a registration package. The registration package includes one pack of INETHAN detoxifying dietary supplement, the first in the line of regenerative natural dietary supplements, the TREE OF LIFE line, a promotional gift bag, notepad and stationery set.

Each Club member builds a tribe structure of their new customers and Club members that they register directly under themselves and receives commission from their first, second and third line of customers and Club members and the opportunity to broker the sale of products for a fee and thus build their distribution chain.  

The SENIOR MEMBER gets his e-shop account and his BackOffice virtual office on the mobile app and fixed PC. In the BackOffice, you keep track of how you work and how everyone you have registered under you works and buys. 

In BackOffice you also have access to all important information, manuals and documents. 

NATURAMEDICIN Club - SENIOR MEMBER members are paid the appropriate remuneration according to the NATURAMEDICIN SE Compensation Plan.



Each of us actively works throughout our lives and builds relationships both personally and professionally. We build our first social relationships at home with our parents, siblings and the whole family. The next relationships are built in kindergarten, school and various special interest clubs. As we grow up, get educated and get a job, we build business relationships and encounter the concepts of employee, superior, subordinate, seller, buyer and broker, and you may meet a Club member at our company.


In every deal there are always one or more intermediaries who are either active and participate in the outcome of the whole deal or are not active and therefore receive no financial reward. Our company believes that it is important for every member of our Club NATURAMEDICIN, to know the members of the club in the structure both professionally and personally.

It is also important for us that all members of Club NATURAMEDICIN know their partners not only in their own structure, but also members of the Club from other structures, where they can gain experience that will help them to work better and expand the membership of Club NATURAMEDICIN, not only in the Czech Republic, but also in the EU and around the world.


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