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The path to passive income.

A natural or legal person can become a member of the club anywhere in the world.

If you become a member of the club, you get the opportunity to build your network of customers and members of the "NATURAMEDICIN Club". You get a financial reward for your active work. We think that everyone and society has the right to reward for quality work.

HOW TO BECOME A CLUB MEMBER: You buy a registration package for a club member, which we deliver to the required address, and with this step you get your virtual office, where you can see how you work, as well as how everyone you registered works and buys. The registration package contains our advertising bag, one package of the INETHAN detoxification food supplement, an advertising block and a set of stationery.

BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS: Each of us works actively throughout our lives and builds relationships both personally and professionally. We build our first social relationships at home with parents, siblings and the whole family. We build other relationships in kindergarten, school and various interest clubs. With adolescence, education and job placement, we build business relationships and meet the terms employee, superior, subordinate, seller, buyer and broker, and at our company you can meet a member of the club.

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY: Each trade always includes one or more intermediaries who are either active and participate in the result of the entire trade, or are not active and therefore do not receive any financial reward. Our company believes that it is important that every member of our NATURAMEDICIN Club knows the members of the club in the structure, both professionally and personally.

It is also important for us that all club members know their partners not only in their structure, but also club members from other structures, where they can take over experience that will help them work better and expand the membership of the NATURAMEDICIN Club not only in the Czech Republic but also in the Czech Republic. EU and the world.